Rental requirements?

Renters must have a valid motorcycle license from the state or country of residence and be 21 years of age or older.


Reservation policy?

Payment of a $50 deposit for each day reserved is required when making the reservation (e.g. a 3 day reservation equals a $150 deposit). If you must cancel your reservation and do so over 30 days prior to the start of your scheduled rental the entire deposit is fully refundable. If cancellation occurs 10 to 30 days prior then half of the deposit will be returned. No deposit will be returned with less than 10 days of cancellation notice. On the bright side, any retained deposit can be applied to a future rental beginning within one year provided a minimum of 72 hours of notice was given prior to canceling.


Security deposit?

When you pick up your bike an amount of $1,500 will be reserved on your credit card for a future charge should that be necessary. We also accept cash security deposits.


What is included in each rental?

Each rental includes 3/4 helmets for rider & passenger and motorcycle lock.


Can I ride out of state or to Mexico?

Out of state, yes. Mexico, no.


What if there is a mechanical problem?

Please call our 24 hour emergency line and we will coordinate a solution to whatever problem you are experiencing.


How does the insurance work?

Even if you have your own motorcycle insurance, all renters at Run Amok are required to purchase coverage through our provider for $15 per day. Below are the coverage highlights:

California statutory limits of liability

Comprehensive (insures against theft/vandalism) … $1,500 deductible

Collision (coverage for damage to motorcycle if involved in accident) … $1,500 deductible

For an additional $5.95 per day, supplemental insurance can be purchased to increase liability coverage to $300,000.


Is there a mileage limit?

Nope, you are free to go!